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Uncertainty & Faith

Today is a day of uncertainty. We are living in a time that the world has never experienced, at least that we know of. Since all things seem to recycle around again, meaning that there were ice ages, fire ages, times of dinosaurs and great illnesses; and yet we are all living this time as if it was the only time this has ever happened. Maybe that is true. It is most certainly true that it had never occurred in a time when the world was so populated; when the global economy, the global reach was so vast. So is it those things that make COVID-19 such a dramatic illness?

No, I truly believe that this pandemic is real, it is the first of it's kind and it is going to hurt us more then the illness and deaths. The economic impact by this pandemic will be felt for years and that is what I am certain about - and it is terrifying.

Are you too fearful of the economic impact of COVID-19? How are you coping? What are you doing to steadfast this pandemic and it's impact on your lifestyle?

I am taking matters into my own hands.

I have started a YouTube Channel - Barb Mosey - and it is a way for me to use my experiences and knowledge in a few subjects to hopefully help and inspire others. It gives me a voice, it gives me something other than the pandemic to focus on. Are you doing something to change your focus?

A short blog post today to check in with you all and get some of your tips on what you are doing to pass the time and stay sane...LOL!

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