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Top 3 Ways to Change Your Life Today

Have you ever scrolled through a feed on Instagram, Pintrest or Facebook to find out ways to have an amazing life, how to make changes in your life? Have you ever wondered HOW the %&*$# are others doing it? If you have, you are not alone! More than 1/2 of us sit back and watch others, living through their experiences virtually, GREEN with envy, sometimes Hate Liking everything they are doing and posting because we deeply desire to be the ones doing those things.

Today you can start to have that life for yourself and I will teach you how. You see, for years, decades even, I have struggled with the green-eyed monster and have wished for change in my life. Then four years ago I took control of my own destiny and started living for me. I still have a ways to go and it is not always sunshine and lollipops (truly), yet I am happier today then I have ever been and it is because of the choices I have made and the habits I have developed.

Change is possible for everyone. You do NOT need a large bank account or a crazy YouTube channel to find it. You can make change happen by starting with what you love and what really moves you towards your goals; and that is where we will start...GOALS.

Top 3 ways to make change in your life today:

1. Set realistic goals for yourself in areas you want to make the change.

Step one takes a lot of work to figure out. First you will need to do a bit of soul searching. Finding out what areas are not serving you the most and what changes you can make in those areas to have that better life. I personally took a sheet of paper, wrote down four areas that affect my life - business, health, relationship, and hobbies. I then decided what areas needed change. For me, it was health and business. Next I needed to be honest with myself, what needed to change, what goal could I set within these areas to move me towards the life I wanted.

That is where I started and here is an example of what that would look like:

Health: Goal - Get Healthy, Step to start - drink more water, Habit (action) - Get a water bottle (I use a 24 oz. bottle with a straw) in your favourite colour (optional, mine is pink) and start with one a day...everyday for the first few days and increase the number each week for three weeks (it takes 21 days of consistency to develop a habit) until you are consuming the recommended amount of water to be healthy, most say it's 64 oz (8 cups x 8 oz per cup, per day), I personally drink 3 x 24 oz (= 72 oz) bottles a day and YES that means you increase your bathroom visits for the first little while until your body regulates, and it will.


Now let me be clear, the goal setting is not limited to health - it is not isolated to that one area of your life, if you want to change your finances, your relationships or any other area you can set a goal for that area and start building a habit for that goal. The above was strictly an example. I can dive into more options in future blogs posts if you want, just let me know in the comments what you want to learn more about; I have changed many areas of my own life and I gather my knowledge from my own experiences.

2. Allow for Work/Life Balance.

This one is key but so hard for most people. I get it, I can be too focused on my career to make time for the life that continues to go on around me. I tend to miss out on so much of it. The change I made here is to use my calendar. Yes, that does mean I schedule time for myself. I do schedule my play time and my work time so I can be available to live my life instead of surviving it.

I do understand that I have a different career then most where I work for myself and can make my own schedule. If you are working for someone else, a large company or organization and you do not have that same flexibility, then simply adjust what you do have control over, your own time. I promise, it is difficult at first and time consuming to start the process, but sticking with it and truly putting yourself first will have its benefits.

One area you do have control over is your days off and vacation time. Make that extra special and productive. You can add routines to your daily life schedule (calendar helps) like sticking to a bed/wake schedule, eating times and so on... These are all just examples of how you can use a calendar to improve your time management, so you are enjoying more of a Work/Life balance.

3. Let go of the guilt.

This one is huge and probably of the three the hardest for anyone to truly embrace. Yeah, I know this one all too well. For much of my life I felt guilty over many areas of my life, for instance with my weight, my job/finances, my accomplishments, my family life, and a few more areas too. So, I do truly understand how this can overwhelm, and over complicate your mind and that is the area where letting go of the guilt you feel can be a game changer and improve your life for the better.

To start today - how do you let go of the guilt? You allow yourself to feel the gratitude for the thing you are doing in the moment and NEWS FLASH - it is okay to be grateful.

The guilt of what you "should" be doing other than what you are doing in the moment (for example: you are working and you would rather be relaxing, or your chillin' on the sofa binging the whole 'Friends' series and you should be working)....STOP! Be present and truly enjoy whatever you are doing.

My way of coping with the "G" word is to put things into perspective. I am obviously working at this very moment writing this blog post. Did I need to do it, was it important to accomplish? Yes, I promise a new post every two weeks on Friday's and today is that day, therefore I will accomplish it and make sure I stay committed to my goal. If the answer was no because it was not the due date then I would ask myself, is this making me happy in this moment? The answer to this question is really unfair because everything in my business makes me happy, however let's say the answer was no, it was not making me happy - I would then stop (no guilt) and do something else that did make me happy - life or work wise, doesn't matter, just doing the things that matter to us and not feeling guilty about all the OTHER STUFF that "HAS TO" get done. It will get done, remember step 2, we put it in the calendar!

Removing guilt is a practice. You need to mindfully allow yourself to be happy. Eventually it will become like second nature, and you will forget about a time when guilt ruled your life.

Bottom line be present in your life. Stay in the moment. The goal to that great life you see others enjoying is HAPPINESS! Find what moves you towards true happiness, set the goals, have balance and don't feel guilty.... See you in two weeks!

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