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One of my favourite sights is my van waiting for passengers off the visiting cruise ship. Sadly as announced on May 6, 2020 the majority of our visits have been cancelled for the remainder of this year. What does that mean for me, for us?

Cape Breton Island is still here, we are hoping to welcome you all back as soon as the restrictions are lifted. 2020 may not be the year to travel internationally or to Cruise; yet you may be residing in Atlantic Canada and you want to have a stay-cation with your family. What can you expect if you are able to travel to Cape Breton Island?

You can expect excitement! As all of us have been cooped up in our homes since mid-March and it's been snowing since Jesus was a cowboy, we are all too ready to be hospitable and share with you in many unique experiences. If I were to tell you that we have 80 beaches, 80+ campgrounds, many provincial parks and a few Parks Canada locations - would you come? If I told you that our music is "off the CHARTS" - would you come?

Second photo - because I cannot pick just one, is about the island itself and not about Madi G's Custom Tours directly....What do you think of when you look at this picture:

Let me know if you think of tranquility? Do you think of privacy? Do you think, beautiful and serene? What is the feelings or thoughts brought up by this photo?

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