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Devices versus Experiences

So today is my birthday, and many many years ago (no I am not going to tell you) when I was born, technology was just starting to be a part of peoples everyday life, today it is their life. What has changed and is it always better to be on a device?

Personally, I think that a device whether it is a voice command like a "Google Home" or "Echo", you can have fun with them and they can absolutely assist with your everyday living, however if you are anything like me, you play with these things from time to time but don't use them to their full advantage because you grew up in a time when a computer was something the Government used in a big room somewhere confidential - not something a toddler carries in their tiny hands.

So, now in an age when technology is literally in every aspect of our lives and the era of robotics is upon us, I need to ask - Devices or Experiences? Which is the egg and which is the chicken? Do you have an experience and document it on your device or to you have a device and fabricate your experiences?

Cheers, let me know what you think....

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