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Camping vs. Glamping - What do you prefer?

It is now the end of May and we are moving past the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic here in Canada. As of July 2020 camping will be officially re-opened for tenting (YAY) and we can look forward to a summer filled with adventurous days.

What is your preference, camping in a tent or glamping in a yurt or dome (or other style of high-end camping)? I personally haven't done the glamping thing (yet, although it is on my list of new things to try), I do love a good night's sleep in a tent. The only issue I have is getting up in the morning.

You see, as I age (I am in my 40's now) after a night in a tent, waking up in a damp environment can wreck havoc on my joints (my knees especially) so I can appreciate a raised bed that I don't have to crawl out of. If you are the same you may prefer to go for a glamping adventure instead.

Cape Breton Island has many options now for glamping. We have domes, yurts, tree house style tents, birdhouse style cabins and much more. And of course you could always opt for the traditional Bed n' Breakfast, Inn or a rustic Cabin at an accommodations property. But, if you are wanting that "off-the-grid" style camping experience without paying top dollar or without going to a traditional accommodation property, then there are options, you could tent!.

One great option is to tent in a larger tent with a B.Y.O.Bed. These are great options for those of you that (like me) can't crawl out of a bed/tent in the morning and still want that experience of tenting. Having a B.Y.O.BED (which comes in various sizes from Twin to Queen - and possibly King), you can have your own bed just like you were at home whilst still sleeping in the fresh air of a tented site.

Now, this is just one option available for those who want to tent for their camping experience. There are of course a variety of camping methods to suit most people and abilities. You just need to have a sense of your own comfort requirements, abilities to set up and tear down a site, and whether that is the experience you are seeking. If it is, we have over 80 campgrounds on the island and each one offers tenting and spaces for a camper or RV. It is really up to you, whatever you prefer.

And for glamping, that is all relative as well; you can glamp in a tent if you have it set up in a posh way. I have seen many tents that are completely decked out with all the modern conveniences and yet it is still a tent. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

So why not join me here in Cape Breton this summer and try out one of our many campgrounds. I know I will certainly be adding this style adventure to my list this year! Let's tent it. I will save you a spot around my campfire! See you soon.

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