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Are you Vertically Challenged?

Have you ever felt short? Like really short?

I am vertically challenged in a few manners of speaking. First, I am of short stature. Standing only 5'4" tall, There are a lot of things in life I need a step stool to reach (including my bed at one time. LOL)

Second, in life. I am in my 40's and although that is still fairly young to most out there, it is an age when you really start measuring your accomplishments and how they stack up - mine feel short, meaning in comparison. One lesson I have learned on this point - don't compare yourself to others!

Third and last, challenges. I have conquered quite a lot in my life thus far and will continue to achieve so much more (I know I am here to do great things), and sometimes I look at those things I have done and think, WOW I have climbed some serious mountains in my day.

Today, there is an Everest in my future! I know I can do it, I know I have the stamina, and I know my short steps will keep me going to the top.

Do you ever feel this type of vertical challenge in your life?

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