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Are you tired of hyped up holidays?

Are you tired of playing (and paying) to this made up holiday? OR - Are you really into it?

I am NOT into it, yes, I have a significant other, and yes I have a lot to be grateful for, and love...but do I need a specific holiday to remind me of this or to remind me to LOVE? The answer for me is NO. I do not need to be reminded to share my love with those in my life, however I can appreciate the sentiment.

Today is Valentine's Day and today I received an "I Love You", a hug and a puppy cuddle. We (my hubby and I) shared a takeout lunch from a restaurant we reserve for those "special occasions" and it was okay. It is an average day with some extra special food that I didn't have to spend the time cooking - so there's that :) But it is still just another day to me. I can't say I am going to remember next week or even next Valentine's Day what we did today...however I do remember when it is great.

The Valentine's Day I remember is from elementary school when I made (yes I MADE) cupcakes for my class and made an extra special one just for a kid in my class that was a little more challenged and got bullied because of it. I didn't do this because I was told to; nor did I do it to get recognition - TBH I don't think I have ever told this story - I did it because I felt he was the one kid in the class who actually deserved the cupcake.

Now to say that all was rosy, and I was the perfect kid for doing this - heck NO! For goodness sakes I got picked on for doing this by my classmates (god kids can be overly cruel). I did not feel bad about being picked on. I did not feel pressured by my parents or the teachers to pay any special attention to this child, AND I did feel his gratitude, his love and his overwhelming sense of being appreciated for being a kind human being.

What did this experience teach me about Valentine's Day (and everyday)? Being kind regardless of how other's may ridicule you, bully you or even if it embarrasses you to do so, builds your character. It builds your self worth and it also brings you closer to be the kind of human that I want to give a cupcake.

Be a cupcake person. Be the person that deserves a cupcake, and maybe if more people were cupcakes our cruel world will feel a little less overwhelming and exhausting and MORE like it's Valentine's Day - EVERYDAY! SHARE THE LOVE






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