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10-Days after....

Are you okay, safe and staying at home? Travel afterwards, I will be here waiting......

It has been a whirlwind of the past 10 days since I published my last blog post. I am invoking the "interrupter clause" because things have gotten a ton worse then they were on March 13th.

Here is where I am now: I suspended my business on March 15th; laid of an employee due to COVID-19; still am receiving a small number of inquiries (thank you!); and am Staying HOME!

I for one am not an alarmist, I do listen to all information and try to make logical sense of it all before forming ideas or opinions. With COVID-19 it is different, at first I was doing as I usually do, not panic and take it day by day ensuring to wash my hands and take care not to get too close to others that may have travelled outside of Canada.

Now, today, all has changed. Nova Scotia does have cases of COVID-19 and we are in a state of emergency. We are all advised to stay home, self-isolate and do not have gatherings of more than 5 people. After the last 10 days of constant growth of the virus, I am heeding the warnings. What about you?

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